Note: Euler Circle will be held online in the summer and fall quarters, and possibly after that as well depending on the COVID-19 situation. You do not need to live in the San Francisco Bay Area to attend online classes.


Under normal circumstances, students should not have completed high school by the beginning of the course. There is no official lower age limit, but we expect students to have the mathematical maturity of advanced high-school students. Note that our classes are in-person classes in the San Francisco Bay Area unless otherwise noted; do not apply if you do not live in the San Francisco Bay Area!


Each course costs $900. However, if you are unable to pay, or if it would cause financial hardship, let us know (once you have been accepted only), and we will waive the fee.


To apply to Euler Circle, please fill out the form below. As part of your application, please enter the name and email address of a math teacher we may contact in case we have any questions.  This can be a teacher from school, or from a math camp or other extracurricular program. We will not necessarily contact your teacher.

We are now accepting applications for the Winter 2021 classes. We have an intermediate class on transitioning to proofs in combinatorics and an advanced class on complex analysis (which is a 2-quarter class covering the winter and spring quarters). These classes will also be online on Zoom. You do not need to live in the San Francisco Bay Area to attend online classes; students from around the world are welcome. Applications for the winter classes are due by November 22nd.

Application form for winter/spring 2021 complex analysis class

Application form for winter 2020 transition to proofs class