Math Camps

We offer occasional intensive math camps in various regions.

Our next camp will be held in the Pasadena area from December 23, 2019–January 4, 2020, meeting Monday through Saturday except Wednesdays, from 9 AM until 5 PM, for a total of 80 hours of class time. The class will be on combinatorial game theory. The class will cover roughly the same material as our regular class in Fall 2016 did; click here for a description of that class.

Like our regular classes, this camp is intended for advanced high-school students, but we also allow younger students to attend if they are prepared.

Each day, we will introduce new material in the morning, and then students will work on problems based on the morning’s material in the afternoon. Problems range in difficulty from straightforward concept-check problems to open research problems: we love to see our students working on research problems and coming up with interesting ideas, and there will be several instructors and TAs present to help out. This is a good way of getting started on an original research project!

Lunch will be provided each day of class. Applications are due by Sunday, November 3rdClick here for logistical information and to apply!